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RS Lubricants was established in the year 2001. Its blending plant and grease manufacturing unit has a capacity of 12,000 Mt lubricants and 500 Mt grease per shift per annum respectively and is located in Rak Free Zone,United Arab Emirates. RS Lubricants manufactures and market its own products through its marketing experts, with the brand names of PETRO STAG to almost all GCC countries, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, CIS and African countries. These products have the approval of American Petroleum Institute (API) and OEM.

A Quality Management System — ISO 9001-2000 is in place covering all units of lube oil blending;and greaserplant, Quality procedures are strictly followed at all stages of the process to maintain and ensure high quality standards.

Lube oil and grease testing laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments to maintain high quality standards of the products based on API and ASTM methods. All incoming raw materials and non-blended products and also outgoing blended products go through the testing procedure to ensure meeting quality standards and customer's requirements.

PETRO STAG manufactures a range of automotive, industrial, marine and some of specialty lubricants using virgin base oil of approved international standard and selective additive package from well known suppliers like Lubrizol, Chevron Oronite, Infineon and Afton Chemical. In addition to lube manufacturing PETRO STAG also has the facility of producing lithium and Calcium soap greases of high quality standard and filling in to different large and small packs.

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